We have a couple of ways that you will be able to take advantage of our trading.

Passive system:
We have a passive system where you as investor don’t have to do anything else than open an account with our broker and allocate the funds to the PAMM account. This is the easiest way, but it is of cause also the method where we charge the highest percent of the profit. With this method we are charging 20% of the profit, based on equity highest water mark. So if your equity have risen with 100$ within a trading period, then we will charge 20$ of that profit for our work.

Guide to how to invest in PAMM

Active system:
Then we also have the Active system. This is a bit more complicated and you as an investor will ned to know a little about the MT4 client and how to add an Expert adviser to the MT4 client. With this method we will charge 10$ for each lot traded. The positive with this solution, is that you can keep your preferred broker.

Guide how to connect your account through FXjunction