Invest by using FXjunction

By using FXjunction, you are not bonded to use a specific broker, but can use the broker you prefer, or register with one of the brokers that we are recommending. This way of copying is also the cheapest way, but investors will also have to do some work them self, to keep the account free equity above 25% as minimum.

The cost for copying using FXjunction is a monthly fee of 30$ plus 0.05$ pr. trade copied. To make sure to get all trades, the investor will have to keep funds in his/her’s FXjunction account to pay the copy fee.

This solution also apply to those who wish to be 100% in control of the trades made, and be able to close all trades whenever they want and leave if you mean that you have earned the amount of money you need.

You will need to have access to a computer or a VPS (Virtual private server) that is always turned on where you can install the MT4 client, for this to work.

To use this system, you will need to have an account with a balance balance of minimum 1250$
You can follow our performance under the performance tab.

You will also need to stay updated about your equity, and add additional funds if needed. because the copy trading is limited to 0,01 lots accuracy, so if the account is smaller than our account, it is highly possible that you will need to add funds at some point.


To link your account to the copy trading, You will need to register with

Then you will have to download the bridge EA

Install the EA to your MT4 client following the guide supplied by FXjunction.

Now you can start to follow our trades by selecting our account Dominexia on FXjunction website.