Invest using PAMM

To invest using PAMM, You will need to open up an account with FXopen. after the account opening and allocation of funds, then you only need to keep an eye on you equity, and maybe top up your investment every now and then, to be sure that you will not take unnecessary risks by getting low on equity.

Create an account with FXopen



Go to FXopen by using the link above, and then click the “Register” or the “Sign up Now” buttons at their website







registration_002Click the link “Not our client? Register now!” to start creating you account. We do not advise you to use social profile as we do not trust that kind of thirdparty involvement









registration_003First step in the account creation, is to register an eWallet. Be aware of the anti spam field, that needs to be filled correct.










registration_004You will get an eWallet number and a pin code. Remember the pin code as you will be needing this every time you will transfer money from the eWallet to a trading account. To the right of your wallet number there will be a text asking you to click here to complete the verification process. There you will be asked to verify your email. Follow the instructions to get the email verified. You will then get a confirmation on the site that your email has been verified.






Now if you look in the top right side of the website, there you will see a button, saying Account status Not verified. If you click this, then you will be directed to the verification site.







On the verification site you will need to fill out the forms and upload proof of address and ID. when finished push the button “verify”

It might take some time to get the documents verified. But when its done, then you can continue.








When your account has been verified, then go to the tab in the menu called “Add account” there you can choose the account type that suits you best (PAMM/investment) if you want to invest in PAMM. But you can also create a normal trading account here under STP or ECN.
Afterwards You should choose if it’s going to be a personal, joint or Corporate account? Click the one you want and then on next page you will need to accept the terms and conditions.





registration_009Now you should choose the leverage. We always advise to get as high leverage as possible, because, the higher level, the lower margin requirements.









Now you should be able to add funds to your eWallet. FXopen has a lot of opportunities to deposit. Even bitcoins if you like. We personally like Skrill because it is easy to use and also when withdrawing.





registration_013When you have made you deposit to the eWallet, and you can see you investor account in the left side, at the bottom, then you are ready to to make the internal transfer by choosing the menu tab “Transfer” and choose “internal transfer” There you choose the eWallet to the left and the investor account to the right At this point you will also need to fill in your pin code, that you got when you created the eWallet.





When you have transferred funds to the investor account then you are ready to allocate the funds to our PAMM accounts. choose the Tab “PAMM” in the menu and click the link at the top called “Accounts”Now you will get to the list of PAMM managers.



registration_016At the top of the listings, You can put in search words to search for our Accounts. type Dominexia in the name field and you will see our accounts listed. Click on the name of the account that you wish to allocate funds to.




registration_017You will get to the statistic page and at the left side below the info area, there is a button called “+Join”










registration_018Now you will get to the list of offers. There will be a list of active offers. (one or more) Choose the offer that you like and click join.


This will bring you to the final stage where you can review the offer where you will have to accept the terms. and choose from witch investor account that you wish to allocate the funds from. and also the amount that you wish to allocate. When done, then click the button “Submit Request”

Now your funds will be pending until next roll over, witch is every night at 00:00 After the roll over your funds will be allocated, and you are now participating in the PAMM account.